An Image Consultant Can Help You Find the Right Clothes For You

Did you know that the average woman only wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time? If you don’t believe me look at your own wardrobe and see how many items of clothing you have put on in the last 12 months. How to do overcome this problem? Enlist the services of an Image Consultant.

Lets look first at the reasons why many women are in this position and then I will explain why using an image consultant can help solve your wardrobe disasters.

Here is a list of the top ten reasons why a woman only wears 20% of her wardrobe 80%.

When they go shopping they don’t have shopping plan
They do not understand what suits their body shape, age or colouring
Body shape changes through pregnancy, illness or getting older can confuse them and they become unfamiliar and lost when it comes to knowing what suits them
They have had a lifestyle change
They do not know what image or look they want or need.
When shopping they are unaware of what shops cater to their clothing needs
They are unwilling to waste more money on clothes they may not wear.
Many women do not understand that sometimes it is necessary to alter their clothes to achieve the best possible look. Many are not willing to pay extra for alterations when they have already spent money purchasing the clothes. This often results in great clothes not fitting their body correctly. Examples of this would be shortening a jacket, nipping in a waist for more shape, taking up a sleeve or hem or even adding shoulder pads.
They do not give themselves time just to explore shops at different locations to become familiar with what is offered and where.
They do not allow themselves sufficient time to discover what they desire – most miracles do not happened during a lunch break! A frenzied last minute search often ends in purchasing a ‘this will do’ which almost unavoidably becomes a ‘closet orphan’.
So how do we solve this problem? The best way is to enlist the services of an image consultant to take you on a personal shopping trip. How do personal shopping trips work? Your image consultant will look at you and your body shape, size, personality and life style. She will then guide you when shopping to ensure that you will only purchase items that flatter your body and make you feel great and look fantastic. No more impulse buying. No more closet orphans. These items will be pieces that will add value to your wardrobe as you will wear them over and over again.
The benefits of using an image consultant are numerous and the lessons you will learn when shopping can be taken with you throughout your life. Shopping will become fun again and by selecting the correct clothes you will not only be wearing 100% of your wardrobe but saving thousands of dollars along the way.