Father’s Day Big Gesture: How to Pick the Right Car for Your Pop?

Every parent plays a fundamental role in shaping the life of their children. The countless sacrifices and love that is received from a parent is second to none. Fathers are often the first ones who teach their children how to drive a car. Purchasing your first car for college would not have been possible without [...]

Retirement Planning Ready In Five Steps

However, a TRP can still be a smart strategy when you’re working full-time and want to boost your retirement income Some super funds have a minimum account balance, so it’s important to check if yours has a limit before you start a TRP. A TRP isn’t always the most effective strategy. If you have investments [...]

Government Shutdown- Trouble Brewing For Those Anticipating a Tax Return

According to IRS (the nation’s tax collector), the tax season will begin by the end of this month and they will start sending people their tax refunds, irrespective of the government shutdown. Although the news comes like a relief for all those who are anticipating a tax return, trouble can still be seen brewing in [...]

Advantages of BI Dashboard Consulting

Most companies make use of their own dashboard in order for them to gather and manage real time information. Their dashboards are often connected to the Internet or their own network so that they can disperse their data easily to everyone working in their organization. With the dashboard they can determine how well they are [...]

The Need For a CFO Consultant

As competition in any field of business or industry becomes fiercer, any company must ensure that it is well equipped to face the challenges. It cannot expect the free market to abide to the company’s whims. It has to improve its business machinery to enable itself to win the race for a bigger share of [...]

An Image Consultant Can Help You Find the Right Clothes For You

Did you know that the average woman only wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time? If you don’t believe me look at your own wardrobe and see how many items of clothing you have put on in the last 12 months. How to do overcome this problem? Enlist the services of an Image [...]

Ten Reasons Why You Must Hire a Marketing Consultant in 2010

2009 has been a rough year for most businesses. Marketing budgets, key projects, and staff have been cut dramatically. This makes it much more challenging for marketing teams to deliver. Every marketing dollar must work harder than ever. While many predict that 2010 will begin our road to economic recovery, most agree that the process [...]

Computer Consultants – An Overview

Computer consultants are indispensable in the ever growing IT industry since they cater to IT needs. The consultants are an integral part of the industry and their fields of specialization is Web services which include Website Designing, Corporate Emailing, Website Hosting, and domain name registration. They are skilled IT professionals who are always ready to [...]

Branding for profits

Branding for … 2002 Pavel … meaning of the Brand is quite … In … is the image of your product, if we speak … branding and/or the image of your Branding for Profits copyright 2002 Pavel Lenshin General meaning of the Brand is quite abstract. In short, brand is the image of your product,Guest [...]

8 Personal Branding Mistakes that are Hurting Your Business

Consumers now more than ever feel they need a stronger connection with the companies they engage in business. Interestingly, I have noticed more and more corporate surveys are heavily modified with questions about “how do you feel this company represents itself?” Branding and business representation are imperative in todays market. How you come across and [...]